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There are a variety of reasons why someone would want to enter into a spiritual mentoring relationship.  Some people want to learn meditation from scratch.  Some want to go deeper in their meditation practice.  Others want to work on coping with a specific issue, like anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.  A distinguishing characteristic of Dharma Wild Spiritual Mentoring is that connection with, and practices in, nature will always be part of the spiritual mentoring relationship.

I craft individual programs based on your specific wants, needs, opportunities, and interest.  Together we will develop a strategy for your ongoing meditative practice and achieving your goals.  We will work by telephone, skype, or zoom, and email.  Usually, we will schedule a time to meet once a week for an hour.  I have found that it is best to make a commitment for 3 months.  This seems to work toward making real progress and establishes a good foundation.  Once that is achieved, and we have established a good rapport, you may choose to continue spiritual mentoring on an ongoing basis to deepen your practice, as well as participating in one of the Awakening in the Wild Retreats.

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Why is Spiritual Mentoring Important?

Meditation is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced.  And, like any skill, it is important to have a mentor who can help us make progress.  Like lifting weights, no matter how much you read about lifting, you are not going to get anywhere unless you actually begin a disciplined regime of working out.  Meditation is the same.  You can read countless books but you will not make any progress unless you actually sit down and do the practice.  And yet, we all know how challenging, confusing, lonely, complex, and just plain difficult it can be.

Spiritual mentoring is about having a guide to rely on in your meditation practice.  A spiritual friend who can help point the way and encourage you when the trail becomes a bit challenging or that sunny day hike turns into a torrential downpour.

Characteristics of Dharma Wild Spiritual Mentoring

  1. Nature is the real teacher! You will be encouraged to ground your meditative practices in nature.  This doesn’t mean you have to sit in the cold and freezing rain to meditate!  However, nature will be our “true temple” for our awakening practices.  This also doesn’t mean that you have to live near a wilderness area to practice in nature – a local park or open space will work just fine.
  2. Personalized instruction: Meditation is not a one-size-fits-all technique.  Different people respond favorably to different techniques.  We will work together to develop a program that fits your unique personality, situation, and goals.  All spiritual traditions are valued and respected.  While each wisdom tradition has its own set of beliefs, rituals, and ceremonies, meditative practices deepen one’s spiritual development no matter what spiritual home you live in.
  3. Life Counseling: When you commit to a daily meditation practice, all areas of life begin to shift and change.  Sometimes unpleasant and troubling memories begin to surface. Guilt, self-condemnation, regret can arise and cause emotional pain and suffering, and even panic. On the other hand, positive decisions to give up addictive habits, become more healthy by exercising and changing your eating habits often arise as well.  I have decades of experience helping to guide people through these life-changing and ongoing transitions.
  4. Structure and Accountability: Despite your best intentions, maintaining a daily meditation practice is often quite challenging!  By setting up a schedule of practice, and meeting regularly with me, you can keep your resolve in focus and develop a strong and stable meditation practice.
  5. Decades of Real-World Experience: I have been on the spiritual journey for 60 years, and I have been involved in Spiritual Mentoring for most of that time.  As well as mentoring people in meditative practices, I have been grounding these meditative practices in nature for decades.

What Happens In a Session?

Each session is crafted for the individual, but typically they include guided meditation, questions by me about the details of your practice, and an opportunity for you to ask me questions about your practice.  I will also ask that you keep a journal of your meditation questions and experiences so that we can review them each week.  I also welcome questions about your life, challenges you face, and other topics that we deem relevant to your progress.

My way of working offers complete non-judgmental support for your practice.  Together, we are equal participants in your spiritual progress and individual freedom is paramount and always respected.  The flexibility and personalization of your sessions means that you will not be a faceless body in a crowded meditation hall, or subjected to cookie-cutter answers or methods.  If you are confused, I’ll help you find clarity.  If you have questions, I’ll answer them or help you find your own answers.  If you just need somebody to be there for you in your practice, I’ll be there.

Signs of Readiness for Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring represents a significant commitment on your part.  Although I am happy to work with anybody who is truly interested and motivated, it’s best if you are ready and willing to:

  • Meditate a minimum of 30 minutes per day (more is better).
  • Reduce or change activities that might be expected to interfere strongly with meditation (for example, a massive daily drinking habit)
  • Study the books, videos, audios assigned to you.
  • Keep a daily journal of your meditation practice, and the questions that arise.

If these seem like achievable commitments to you, then Contact Me for an initial phone conversation.

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